The Hound’s goal is for this site to be a one-stop-providing-all-the-information-to-everything-you-want/need-to-know-about-Berne-Knox-Westerlo-Coeymans-Bethlehem-Rensselaerville and New Scotland-townships.

SevenTownHound website provides links to community organizations, government, school, media, public service organizations, and so on, in the seven townships. The site is continuously adding information.

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The SevenTownHound site is dedicated to the Hilltowns of Berne, Knox, Rensselaerville, Westerlo, and the towns of Bethlehem, Coeymans, and New Scotland of Albany County, New York. Also included are events and listings of neighboring counties and towns, notably, Schoharie, Greene, Delaware, and Schenectady Counties, and Guilderland township, and occasionally events from outside the area, because they are a part of the larger SevenTown community. 

You will notice that many events are posted in advance of the actual occurrence date. This is because pre-registration may be required for the event, or so you may plan ahead to participate.

  Some people have asked me why “the seven town hound”. Some years ago, I contributed to the Bethlehem Community Blog site, on the Albany Times Union. At some point, I started a calendar; at first about Bethlehem. Eventually, I started to add events for New Scotland Coeymans, and the Hilltowns. The reason being that there was very little coverage, and no blog, of those communities on the TU. At the time Guilderland was represented in the blogosphere; but since then, like me, the writer stopped writing.
  So, after awhile, I started an independent calendar. It, and the ensuing website, eventually started to focus more on The Hill. Even though I’m a Flatlander, I’ve had a strong relationship with the Hilltowns and Schoharie County, since my early childhood days.
  That’s the story of the site. Oh, The Hound part — Hounds do a lot of sniffing around. so I thought that would be apropos, as that’s how one gathers information.